Sunny Hill drops music video for new track “On the Way Home”

Four-member girl group Sunny Hill has finally made a comeback with the track “On the Way Home” included in their new album, Way.

On August 30th, Sunny Hill released their comeback track “On the Way Home” which is one of the four songs included in their newest mini-album titled, Way.

The music video follows the four girls as they experience different hardships in their life from unhealthy relationships to exhausting jobs. Members Misung, Jubee, SeungAh, and Kota all eventually end up abandoning their toxic lifestyles and returning home, casting one final glance back at their past before heading inside.

Many fans have been claiming that this music video’s storyline is hinting at the fact that the girl group may be disbanding in the near future or have already disbanded without being able to find the correct timing to announce the news.

“On the Way Home” is an upbeat, yet sentimental track that truly suits the wistful, homesick message of the song. The emotional, nostalgic lyrics combined with the tear-jerking music video are sure to tug at fans’ heartstrings as the girls sing about missing home, inner fears, anxiety towards the future and doubts they have in life.

Be sure to check out Sunny Hill’s “On the Way Home” and new mini-album!

Source: Sunny Hill Twitter