Sunny reveals the content of Girls’ Generation’s fridge on JTBC’s “Take Care of My Fridge”

On the June 22nd episode of JTBC‘s Take Care of My Fridge, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny revealed the contents inside the fridge in the group’s dormitory.

As the fridge itself was represented at the studio, Sunny was asked if she received permission in revealing it as the hosts found it unfit to the image of Girls’ Generation. To which, Sunny replied that they started using it since their debut and all of them ,especially Yoona, found it embarrassing but she nevertheless got over half of the members’ permission to unveil it on the program.

The hosts were further surprised as they found all sorts of food and liquor. Admitting that herself and Tiffany are in charge of alcohol in the dorm, she further revealed the particular eating habits of the other members.

Upon expressing she is a fan of the program, Sunny asked the chefs all sorts of questions and shocked Mihal Ashminov by asking “What do you think of me?”

Meanwhile, Take Care of My Fridge is JTBC‘s cooking variety program aired every Monday at 9:40pm KST hosted by Kim Sung Joo and Jung Hyung Don starring celebrities and chefs like Choi Hyun Suk and Mihal Ashminov with different guest appearances every episode.

The theme of the June 22nd episode is cooking a meal for Girls’ Generation. The following week, June 29th’s episode will continue to feature Sunny and INFINITE‘s Sungkyu.

Source: Asia Today