Take a first listen into Goo Hara’s 1st mini-album, “ALOHARA”

The third video teaser for Goo Hara‘s upcoming solo mini-album release ALOHARA has given fans a peek into the album before its official release later this week.

On July 13th, the preview into the album was released and shared a few seconds of each track including “How Is It?” featuring KARA‘s Youngji, “Choco Chip Cookies” featuring Giriboy, “La La La,” featuring Matthew, “HARAGU,” “Rainy Day,” and the instrumental version of “Choco Chip Cookies.”

Even before the release of the album, “How Is It” featuring Youngji has already been banned from broadcast on KBS due to the explicit nature of the lyrics.

ALOHARA will be released on July 14th.