Tiny-G M releases “The Only One” MV ft. Natthew and cameo by Dohee

After teasing fans with various video teasers and concept images, sub unit Tiny-G M has unleashed their full music video for their debut single “The Only One” featuring singer Natthew.

Released on November 25th, “The Only One” is a Thai single by Tiny-G‘s Thai members Mint and J.Min released under RERUN MUSIC. Therefore, it only seemed natural the duo team up with singer Natthew, who shares the same footsteps as a Thai artist promoting in Korea.

Tiny-G’s third and Korean member Dohee does not forget to support her friends and appears midway through the music video, greeting the trio, dancing with them for the remainder of the track. Their close friendship is further highlighted towards the end as they each hold a piece of a group photo, looking up towards the sky as the text “The Only One” gradually appears.

“The Only One” is a track composed, produce and written by MAC S, with its music video directed by Chongdol Sukulworaphat.

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