Topp Dogg gets intimate for their celebration of Pepero Day

Topp Dogg gets up close and personal as they play the Pepero Game in celebration of Pepero Day.

Pepero day takes place on November 11 where Koreans celebrate the cream covered biscuit, Pepero. The month and date 11/11 resembles the stick-like shape of Pepero and has developed into a popular holiday in Korea. Many idols, including Topp Dogg joined in on the fun and enjoyed plenty of Pepero on the holiday.

In addition to sharing fun photos of the members enjoying Pepero, Topp Dogg released a video showing themselves playing a round of the Pepero Game together. The boys pull out a box of chocolate Pepero and go to each member to play the Pepero Game. In the game, players put their mouths on each end of the Pepero stick and try to eat as much as possible towards the center without meeting lips.

Topp Dogg spends their time playing the Pepero game while enjoying the snack at the same time. They conclude by wishing their fans a happy Pepero Day.

Check out the video below!