TWICE unveils pre-release track “One in a Million”

Keeping with their promise made earlier on their anniversary, popular rookie group TWICE has released a track from their third mini-album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1

The girls started their anniversary live stream celebrating their anniversary, matching with party hats and a party platter full of tasty treats. Showing off their freshly-debuted Candy Bong light sticks, the members of TWICE reflected on all the fun they had with fans this year while enjoying all the snacks laid out on the table.

In addition to talking about their expectations for next year, group member Nayeon was also able to cash in on a promise that was made to her by maknae Tzuyu. After being rejected for a kiss by Tzuyu, Nayeon was finally able to receive a big kiss on the cheek from the shy girl.

The girls later reflected on all the activities they had in their first year, revisiting moments such as their first pre-recording on Inkigayo, filming their Mnet reality show TWICE’s Elegant Private Life, and their first overseas trip.

Although they had a lot of fun promoting in their first year, the girls also discussed some of the hardships they faced because of their busy schedule. In addition to the harsh winter weather, which required them to constantly hold onto heat packs, their busy schedule also limited the amount of sleep they were able to get. But through hard work and perseverance, as well as much love from fans, the girls were able to complete all their activities.

During the livestream, the members also discussed their impending comeback and teased fans about just releasing the title track altogether (a few seconds of it actually leaked during the stream!), but eventually settled with unveiling their pre-release track.

Aptly named “One in a Million” and played through TWICE’s new bluetooth speaker the group’s signature introduction phrase, the song truly represent’s TWICE’s feelings about their fans. Complete with fanchants from the group members themselves, the beautiful mid-tempo track instantly brought to member Sana.

After releasing the song, the girls sang “Happy Birthday” to the group, and each made a wish for the next year. Although they were a little hesitant about eating cake do to their “cleansing schedule” in preparation for their comeback in a few days, they quickly decided to stuff their faces with some delicious cake, taking spoons right from the cake without making a single slice.

Thanking their fans in both Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin, the girls proceeded to sign off of the chat. But before signing off, the girls made sure to have an encore and played “One in a Million” for songs one last time while waving their Candy Bong light sticks.

Check out the full V Live stream and the song below:

[V LIVE] TWICE 1st Anniversary V

The group followed up with another music video teaser for “TT,” this time revealing part of the song:

On the subsequent day, the group also released individual photo teasers: