“Unpretty Rapstar 3” Contestants Make Sneak-Peek Stage Debut On “Show Me The Money 5”

As Show Me The Money 5 nears its end with just a final episode left, the teasing for the 3rd Unpretty Rapstar has begun as the contestants take the stage.

There may be some spoilers for Show Me The Money 5 below.
Do not continue to read if you do not want to be spoiled.

On July 15th, the Top 3 contestants for the biggest hip-hop competition show in South Korea went head-to-head as they compete for the grand prize. In the final stage of the night, BeWhy, Cjamm and SuperBee performed and was followed by some of the Unpretty Rapstar 3 contestants.

Though their rapping were not left unnoticed, the overall top visuals of the female contestants was noted by viewers.

A total of 10 female rappers took the stage, including underground rapper Grace, Wassup‘s Nada, Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo, The Ark‘s Yuna Kim, returning member Yuk Ji Dam, Jeon Soyeon of Produce 101, former Jewelry member Ha Joo Yeon (also known as Baby J), underground rapper Giant Pink, Janey and Kasey.

While the Unpretty Rapstar 3 females gave a strong impression on their first official stage together, in addition to their gorgeous visuals as a whole, many are looking forward to the third season. It is set to premiere on July 29th following the finale between BeWhy and Cjamm on July 22nd.


Source: My Daily