Untouchable returns with old school hip-hop in “Mask On” MV and single

Duo Untouchable makes a comeback with an all-new single release with “Mask On,” returning to the old school sound of hip-hop.

With a somewhat dark atmosphere lingering over the track as one listens to it, “Mask On” features a repetitive minor bass motif reminiscent in New York old school hip-hop. The duo lay out their intensity in the lyrics as it relays its message to the world, honestly expressing their thoughts in their latest single, and will have you look back on music, faith, value, and perhaps even will, justice, and your ultimate “self” — things that we cannot afford to lose in our short lives.

The music video for “Mask On” is directed by the same director behind Zico‘s “Tough Cookie” and Don Mills‘ “I Am Don Mills.”