2AM releases MV for pre-release track “Days like Today”

After releasing a teaser a couple days ago, 2AM finally released the music video for their new song “Days Like Today”at midnight on October 27th. 

JYP Entertainment‘s 4-member ballad group 2AM are finally making a comeback nearly a year since their last release. Utilizing their soothing voices, the group portrays the strong emotions of an older gentleman reminiscing about his wife while trying to making his way through another day.

The song and video definitely evoke a feeling of loneliness and sadness with a powerful story and emotional lyrics such as “Your bright smile lingers now and then” and “The lonely wind sweeps through my heart again“. However, the handsome 2am members and the lip-syncing protagonist definitely help lighten the mood.

2AM is set to release their 3rd album, Let’s Talk on October 30th, along with the title track “Show Yourself”. On October 24th, the group unveiled  their first set of teaser photos and the official track list for the album, and on the 27th the official MV was unveiled. Check out 2AM’s newest music video below!

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