[★VIDEO] miss A’s Suzy starts off her morning with Nescafé in new CF

On October 23rd, Nescafé released a 30-second CF for their line of fresh mocha starring miss A‘s Suzy, who warms up to the cold weather as she refreshingly takes a sip out of her mug. 

Though her lines are short and simple, Suzy’s delivery and facial expressions give off the girl-next-door image that prove she’s truly worthy of the title “The Nation’s First Love”. The 30-second CF features Suzy drinking a cup of Nescafé’ mocha, implying that their mocha is as fresh as Suzy herself.

Suzy has been called the “$10 million girl” for her frequent high-paid advertisements, and is extremely popular all over Korea.

Netizen response to the CF has been immensely positive, with comments on the video, such as, “I think I want to drink a Nescafé ….because Suzy…“, “I need to start drinking Nescafé for her even [though] I don’t like any kind of coffee“, and “She looks so pretty! Makes me want to drink coffee even though I’m not a coffee drinker“.

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