VIXX finds their “Love Equation” in newest MV release

VIXX is back with their newest and remake album Boys’ Record, dropping their title track music video for “Love Equation.”

The group shifts away from the darker concept that fans came to know and love last fall in their hit track “Error,” and have taken on a boyfriend image as each member shows off a little bit of aegyo in the music video.

As the members experience breakups, the group reunites to dance their troubles away in this remake of R.ef‘s “Love Equation,” which was released in 1995 in Rave Effect. The upbeat, pop track showcases a new side of VIXX as they add their own twist to the track with their powerful vocals and rapping skills.

VIXX has been teasing fans with this new concept by releasing photos and teasers ahead of its February 24th release, and now Starlights can get their hands on the new remake album!

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