[★VIDEO] WINNER teams up with Adidas for “Harper’s Bazaar”

WINNER teamed up with sports brand Adidas for an active photoshoot with fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, showing off their handsome looks in a sporty way.

Set to upbeat music, the video gives fans a look at the boys as they are hard at work for the photoshoot. The camera pans in and out, zooming up to capture close up footage of the boys as they model, while also panning out to catch the entirety of their stylish outfits.

The members display their impeccable professional attitude as they change from a group of goofy, laughing boys to serious, sexy models in the blink of an eye. They also split their time between relaxing, joking around, and monitoring their work intensely.

In other news, WINNER has been confirmed to attend MAMA in Hong Kong on December 4th.