Zest releases MV teaser for “My All”

Zest branches out from their original bad boy concept and continues to release music after their debut in July by releasing a short music video teaser for their new single “My All.”

The teaser starts with member YEHO anxiously waiting for what looks to be a text message while the other members are adorably curious about what he is doing.  The video teaser continues to show the romantic interest between YEHO and a girl. As the couple meets at a water fountain, the water fountain beautifully releases water into the air while Zest sings “My All” in the background.

Zest previously debuted as a six-member boy group on July 28th with their music video “Last Night Story.” The “Last Night Story” music video shows the members dancing and singing, appearing as bad boys with bandanas, leather clothing, and black eyeliner.

Meanwhile, Zest’s single album and music video for “My All” is set to release on November 24th.