An Illinois-native and long-time K-Pop fan, Eve started her journey (like so many others) by watching K-Dramas. A little research, and she was hooked—little did she know that research would foreshadow a career in researching and writing about K-Pop. Now, Eve spends her days writing stories that affect K-Pop fans all over the world.
Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Lent Her Sweet Vocals To The Theme For An Upcoming Fantasy Game
The MV for the song just dropped!
PENTAGON Finally Revealed Whether A “Round 3” Bonus Track Will Happen In The Future
“Round 1” and “Round 2” were amazing! So what are the chances of a “Round 3”?
EXO’s Lay Helped His Cat Lulu Register For Chromosome Entertainment’s Trainee Project
This is literally the cutest thing you’ll see all week!
BLACKPINK’s Jennie Radiates Effortless Cool And Chic Charm Dressed All In Black
Jennie in all black is powerful!
IZ*ONE Take Over The Oricon Chart With Their First Full Japanese Album “TWELVE”
IZ*ONE is dominating the chart!
EXO’s Chanyeol To Sing The Finale OST Track For The Popular Webtoon “She’s My Type”
Everyone is already falling for the track:
BLACKPINK Is The First Korean Girl Group To Become Million Sellers With “THE ALBUM”
BLACKPINK has made history once more!
WWE Star Adam Cole Revealed He’s A Huge Fan Of BLACKPINK
“Kill This Love” is his jam!
Golden Child’s Jangjun Completely Wrecked Us On The Cover Of Men’s Health
We are NOT okay!
ENHYPEN Receives A YouTube Gold Play Button After Soaring Past 1 Million Subscribers
The mega rookies claimed another impressive achievement before debut: