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10 Korean Phrases You Should Learn Before Visiting Korea

Many fans dream of visiting Korea at least once in their lifetime. However, it can be difficult to get around without knowing some basic Korean. Here is a list of 10 Korean phrases you should know before you visit Korea.


Jay Park poses with top models for “ELLE”

In mid-October, Jay Park poses together with top models Lee Sung Kyung and Choi So Ra for ELLE. The three sexy models executed a space travel concept under the cold moonlight. The colorful makeup illustrated the “moon tanning” style.


JOO features as special guest at BTOB solo concert

JOO made a special guest appearance at BTOB‘s first solo concert to support her younger brother and member of BTOB, Jung Il Hoon.  She thanked her brother for her performance at their concert.


MATE releases MV teaser for “Day”

MATE came back earlier this month after a 3 year hiatus. They released their single “Baby” on October 3rd and now they have come out with a music video teaser for their track “Day.”