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Koreaboo Staff Music Picks: Song of the Year 20...

2013 was filled with an abundance of debuts, comebacks, concerts, and relationships, as well as some unfavorable news. However, without a doubt, there were thousands of Korean songs released this year!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossibl... Continue reading

[Updated] SMROOKIES: SM Entertainment's pre...

SM Entertainment has been releasing video and photo teasers for its new pre-debut team, SMROOKIES.

So far, fans have been introduced to Jeno (13), Seulgi (19), Jaehyun (16), Irene (22), Lami (10), and Taeyong (18). The videos show us a gl... Continue reading

Core Contents Media addresses T-ara Soyeon'...

T-ara Soyeon's seemingly sudden change in appearance has caught the eyes of netizens and has stemmed into a controversy.

Just a few days ago, T-ara's Japanese sub-unit QBS, consisting of Qri, Boram and Soyeon, released their music video "...read more

Submitted: Jun 26 2013 03:18 AM by Uni

D-Unit's new member rumored to be GP Basic...

When messages surrounding D-Unit's comeback revealed that the group would be adding another member, many fans started speculating on the member's identity.

It was earlier revealed that the 4th member was a former child actress and model, ...read more

Submitted: Feb 28 2013 11:40 PM by Kaye

Demo version of EXO's upcoming track "W...

It seems a demo version of a track called "Wolf" was leaked on the internet earlier today. While small snippets were revealed around 24 hours ago, a full leak showed up during the day.

"Wolf" starts off as a rap driven track with a deep be...read more

Submitted: Feb 27 2013 11:20 PM by Koreaboo

Rain discredits rumor of cheating for 2006 TIME...

There has been a rumor circulating accusing Rain of having paid people to vote for him for the 2006 TIME 100 Most Influential People of the Year award. The story going around is that he had paid Chinese voters residing in the U.S. to choose him as thei...read more

Submitted: Nov 17 2012 05:20 PM by Nadia1887

Ahyoomee (ICONIQ) and Japanese artist Gackt eng...

Former Sugar member Ahyoomee (27), or better known as ICONIQ in Japan, has recently been engulfed in a scandal with top Japanese artist, Gackt (38).

Japanese media outlet FRIDAY released photographs of Ahyoomee and Gackt presumably in the ...read more

Submitted: Jun 22 2012 01:10 AM by Uni

T-ara set to reveal two new members?

As revealed early last month by Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwangsoo, girl group T-ara is expected to add two girls to their seven member lineup tomorrow. According to officials who spoke with Star News, T-ara is set to begin their comeback promotion...read more

Submitted: Apr 05 2012 03:59 AM by fiveseven_

EXO to hold dual press conference + debut in mo...

According to Chinese MusicRadio, which is a verified Weibo account, SM Entertainment is set to hold press conferences later this month about EXO-M and EXO-K's impending debut.

The company is said to start off with a conference in Korea on ...read more

Submitted: Mar 06 2012 09:20 PM by Kaye

B1A4 to release 3rd mini album on January 31st?

Instiz, a Korean website dedicated to updating fans with information about idols, has released a set date and countdown for B1A4's upcoming 3rd mini album.

The 3rd mini album is said to be released on January 31st but has yet to be confirm...read more

Submitted: Jan 15 2012 09:05 PM by Yaejin

SMTOWN to perform as "SM Orchestra" wit...

Fans have uncovered a blog entry by a "Professor Hong Jonghwa" that details SMTOWN's participation in the 2011 29th SBS Gayo Daejun. The professor, has been helping produce for SM for decades. His works include Kangta's albums in 2001, Lee Sooman's wor...read more

Submitted: Dec 27 2011 01:20 AM by Flowsion

Boy group FIX rumoured to debut on January 5th ...

Last June, four member boy band FIX released "Please Let's Live a Little," a track featured on the OST for the drama "Big Heat." They were then scheduled to make their debut on the 2nd of July, but due to unknown reasons, it was postponed.

read more

Submitted: Nov 25 2011 11:15 PM by unsungbyul

Woollim's Baby Soul to get solo single?

Just yesterday, the head of Woollim Entertainment, Lee Joongyeop, revealed a curious post about Baby Soul through his twitter account.

Lee Joongyeop revealed that Baby Soul had recorded her own song "No Better Than Strangers" featuring oo...read more

Submitted: Nov 16 2011 04:40 PM by Kaye

Pledis Entertainment rumoured to add more After...

Pledis Entertainment confused fans today after accidentally revealing a new profile page containing their new and upcoming girl group members. A screen cap of After School's profile page contained photos and basic information of After School's current ...read more

Submitted: Nov 14 2011 01:15 AM by ohgelie

Netizens identify new Nine Muses member? + Grou...

Earlier this year, Nine Muses had two of its members, Rana and Bini, leave temporarily. Their full withdrawal from the group was revealed in August, when Star Empire started their search for additional members.

Nine Muses then made their c...read more

Submitted: Nov 11 2011 10:10 PM by Kaye

The Boss to release 4th Japanese single in Dece...

While the group was revealed to have recorded their 4th Japanese music video last week, more details about the impending release haven't been revealed.

Today, however, a fan shared a picture of the music video set, revealing that the MV a...read more

Submitted: Oct 16 2011 05:05 PM by Kaye

F.Cuz to return as a 5 member group?

F.Cuz fans had quite a shock when it was revealed earlier this year that member LeeU would be leaving the group, but it seems that rumors have been floating around in F.Cuz's fanbase that the group will return with a 5 member line-up.

F.Cu...read more

Submitted: Oct 11 2011 02:45 PM by Kaye

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