Here Are 10 Male Idols Who Redefined The Term “Sexy King” In K-Pop

They’re truly the kings of sexiness!

Idols crush practically every kind of concept! While we previously saw 10 female idols who redefined the term sexy in K-Pop, here are 10 male idols who’ve totally earned the title “sexy king”, because they practically ooze sex appeal!


1. EXO’s Kai

EXO‘s Kai is well-known for his sexy visuals, amazing talents in dance and the great ability to truly own crop tops! While he’s quieter and shy off-camera, on-stage he becomes a beacon of true talent and exploding sexiness!


2. GOT7’s Jackson

GOT7‘s Jackson is very notable for his sexy charm, overflowing charisma and immense intensity! Along with being one of the group’s best dancers, he also exudes a raw magnetism that makes him  force to be reckoned with!

3. 2PM’s Taecyeon

When 2PM debuted in 2008, they ushered in the era of “beast-dol” or beastly idol due to their strong concepts and bodies that were ripped AF. The visual of the group, Taecyeon is just one of the members that are notable for their incredibly sexy charm and mannerisms!


4. SHINee’s Minho

As the visual of his group, SHINee‘s Minho is well-know for his good looks and sexy aura! He’s made quite a name for himself as a sexy idol, and lives up tot hat name well!

5. NCT 127’s Jaehyun

NCT 127‘s Jaehyun is such a gorgeous visual! He also loves to tease fans, such as when he and Taeyong decided to reveal their chiseled abs to them! Jaehyun is a charismatic and sexy idol that stands out with his visuals and talents, even in a sea full of handsome idols!


6. Stray Kids’ Bangchan

Stray Kids‘s Bangchan is well-known for his chiseled physique and sexy charisma! He carries himself with exploding sex appeal and confidence, stealing hearts with his sexy talent!

7. Super Junior’s Siwon

Super Junior‘s Siwon is one of the most famous visuals on this list! Having been active as a an idol for 15 years, he knows exactly how to draw fans in with his looks, talent, and exploding charms!


8. BTS’s Jungkook

BTS‘s Jungkook is famous for his allure as an idol, with onstage and offstage! Throwing it back to his long hair days, he truly had fans awestruck with his how sexy and charismatic he could be!

9. Monsta X’s Shownu

Monsta X‘s leader Shownu is every famous for his sexy dances and allure! With every choreography that he performs, he manages to lend his own appeal to it, creating a synergy of talent and sexiness that his fans know and love to be uniquely his!

10. NU’EST’s Baekho

NU’EST‘s Baekho is known for his exploding charisma and smooth moves on stages long with his muscular physique, and truly stands out in sex appeal!