11 Funny BTS Photos That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Which photo is your favorite?

We all know just how charismatic and flawless our BTS boys look on stage, but did you know that they are on another level of cuteness off stage too? Let’s take a look at these gentleman, shall we?

1. Jungkook and Jimin in their natural habitat.

2. Thumbs up for V’s priceless facial expression!

3. Jin and his expressions are truly top notch.

4. V and Jungkook looking fresh.

5. 95’ers Jimin and V’s pouty face battle.

6. V’s signature ‘eye-roll’ face.

7. Jimin’s cute little smirk.

8. Jungkook will stare you down.

9. Suga’s smile is just too sweet for all of us.

10. We can’t forget about Min Yoonji, the classiest girl in town.

11. Who can forget about our Sailor Moon goddess RM?

Don’t you just love how these boys can transform from total goofballs to chic men? What’s your favorite photo?