Jennie And Lisa Couldn’t Stop Flirting At BLACKPINK’s LA Concert

The two rappers couldn’t get enough of each other

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo stuns everyone at Coachella

“The redhaired girl” even had non K-Pop fans starstruck

This Japanese Model Looks Like The Twin Sister EXO Chen Never Had

Fans claimed to have discovered a female Japanese celebrity who looks exactly like EXO‘s Chen. According to a post on Daum, fans believe that Japanese model Arai Manaka looks so much like Chen… …that many have seen photos of her and believed them to be Chen cross-dressing. In fact, the two bear such a strong resemblance to each other that many […]

Red Velvet and TWICE to collaborate for Gayo Daejeon

The two hottest girl groups, Red Velvet and TWICE, are finally joining forces for the first time at SBS’s Gayo Daejeon. The broadcast station confirmed the details of this special collaboration. “Seulgi, Irene, Nayeon, and Dahyun will be transforming into a 2017 version of Fin.K.L.” — SBS Employee The four members will be covering one of […]

Here’s How Each BTS Member Looked Growing Up

BTS are shining stars of K-Pop, and although their story starts as an underdog-turned-champion adventure, their baby photos reveal something different! They’ve been starts since the day they were born.  Jin Suga J-Hope Rap Monster Jimin V Jungkook

Brand New Photos Of IU’s Childhood Photos Revealed

Fans love it when they get a glimpse of their favorite idols’ past, and IU released two photos that are sure to be a fan favorite! She uploaded a photo of herself wearing the cutest matching outfit as a little toddler! As an extra treat, she also uploaded a photo of herself posing adorably with […]

It’s Been Many Years Since Suzy Debuted, But This Was Voted As Her Best Photoshoot Ever

Miss A Suzy‘s advertisement photoshoot with clothing brand “GUESS” has spread all over online communities in Korea among both male and female netizens. Suzy is definitely recognized as one of K-Pop’s most outstanding visuals and it’s no wonder that she’s often chosen to be the advertisement model of clothing brands. One collaboration has however, stood […]

CLC Eunbin Shows Off Her Sexy New Hobby, Pole Dancing

CLC‘s Eunbin has picked up pole dancing as a hobby and videos of her dancing has fans asking for more. Pole dancing is a great way to exercise and it is a fun way to work out and Eunbin seems to enjoy it as well. The maknae of the group recently put up pictures and […]

This K-Pop Fansite Posts Real 100 Percent Not Photoshopped Images of idols

This fan site is going viral for its brilliant 100% not photoshopped shots of idols. The images are gorgeous – showing idols exactly how they look in the moment, in HQ quality. No blemish removal or skin tone adjustments at all! These are just some of the shots of the massive collection! MONSTA X GFRIEND NCT […]

This 50-Year-Old Mom Has Everyone Thinking She’s Her Son’s Girlfriend

This nearly fifty-year-old Chinese woman seems to have discovered the fountain of youth. Liu Yelin is 49 years old but looks so young people often mistake her for her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend. A total natural beauty, she rarely wears makeup and her toned figure and lack of wrinkles always amazes people. With 75,000 followers on Weibo, her […]

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