These Photos Of Moonbyul Looking Effortlessly Cool At The Airport Will Make You Want To Have Her As Your Travel Buddy

Passport? Check. Ticket? Check. Moonbyul as your travel buddy? Working on it.

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul is the epitome of “girl crush”.

Her deep rapping voice makes MooMoos glad that they can hear, and her badass airport fashion makes the onlooker feel lucky that they can see her, too.

The great thing about Moonbyul’s airport fashion is that she doesn’t put a lot of accessories into the whole ensemble: her whole look screams “effortlessly chic” and she manages to pull it off every time.

Here are some of them for your viewing pleasure!

Black-on-black ensemble

Considered as one of the most fashionable colors, black is great for Moonbyul who looks suave and debonair in a black top with slacks and a reliable pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

White top with dark blue jacket and black cap

When you think of “girl crush”, this is the exact look that comes into mind. The black nail polish color is a nice touch, too.

Red oversized striped shirt partly tucked in

It seems like Moonbyul is a fan of wearing oversized shirts since they’re more comfortable than fitted ones. For a light-colored red shirt, a dark pair of ripped pants is a nice complement.

Oversized purple sweater with black cap

Since her top is purple, Moonbyul chose to have denim pants as her bottom in order to add balance to the whole outfit.

Again, her sweater is partly tucked in to emphasize how stylish she is — tucking the front part gives a “put-together” vibe while the untucked back part can add length to her legs.

Light blue blouse with red stripes

This is as simple as you can get: blouse with dark pants and a pair of sunglasses to add a bit of glam to the look.

Bright red striped blouse

Moonbyul chose to wear denim pants to bring out the brightness of her red shirt — wearing black pants would have faded them out.

With an eye-candy like this as your travel buddy, who wouldn’t be excited to get on a plane and explore the world, right?

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