15+ Times BTS Members Meant 200% Serious Business In Front of Food

Annyeonghaseyo, mukbang-sonyeondan imnida!

BTS are, and have always been since debut, huge foodies who absolutely love eating. In front of food, they are unstoppable — and nothing can dare come between BTS and their nom-noms. Fans have affectionately nicknamed them mukbang-sonyeondan to better represent their passion for stuffing their bellies full! Here are 15+ times BTS meant 200% serious business in front of food.

1. Yes, I would like a bite of that please

There is no way Jin is going to pass on stealing RM‘s bread.

2. Who needs utensils when you’ve got these?

When Jimin sees pork, Jimin eats pork.

3. The pre-KBBQ ritual

We can smell the happiness through the screen.

4. Anyone’s casual bite-sized piece

Why take small bites when it’s always “the more, the merrier”?

5. The answer to all kinds of problems

Fan: Jungkook, what do you eat to keep yourself looking so good?
Jungkook: Gluten.

6. If you love me hyung, you’ll give that up for me

A severe case of the munchies can turn a person quite shameless.

7. If you love me hyung, you’ll give that up for me, part 2

RM’s reaction is pure perfection.

8. K-Pop’s next hit choreography: The AYCE dance

Throw your hands up if you love buffet style serving!

9. Beauty being stunned by beauty

Perhaps Jin will finally understand what “looking like a snack” means.

10. Wow

Even their tastebuds are in sync.

11. Hope this helps

Fan: Please write something that will cheer me up when things are hard.
BTS: “When things are hard, samgyeopsal.”

12. Chicken for 7

They ordered 7 whole chickens for each member. Look how the salad didn’t even get touched and are stacked in the middle.


13. Pasta for four

That is literally a pot full of pasta, yes. But then, for BTS, nothing is impossible.

14. Cup noodles for one

Why settle for one when you can have two, three, six?

15. Pizza for 7

Sometimes, not sharing is extra caring.

16. The complex art of mixing the noodles with the sauce

Jungkook is putting all of his muscles to work for the masterpiece that is well mixed noodles.

17. Love at first sight

That’s the face you make when something looks too good to be true.

18. New rule: Don’t slice if it fits whole

But, if you still want to look classy, you can pretend to slice.

Source: Nate Pann