Jenny was born and raised in Korea before emigrating to the United States, which she now calls home. Having started as H.O.T.'s biggest fan girl, Jenny literally “grew up with K-Pop” and brings her extensive knowledge of the music, language, and culture to bear on everything she writes. She loves artists like IU, SHINee, and MONSTA X.
2NE1’s Coachella MUA Sang Jeon Shares Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Unforgettable Reunion

Here’s how he felt about being a part of “the historical moment for CL, Dara, Minzy and Bom coming back together.”

Younha Once Shut Down A “Troll” Trying To “School” Her On Instagram With Just Four Words

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Aespa Unveils Brand New English Song, “Life’s Too Short,” Captivating The Crowd At Coachella Weekend Two

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T-ARA’s Hyomin Clarifies Her Now-Deleted Cryptic Instagram Post After Speculations About Her Breakup

The post read, “I’d rather die than marry him,” and raised questions about her ex-boyfriend.

“Sixth Sense” Members Jessi And Mijoo Share A Harmless Joke About Their Periods And Unexpectedly Spark A Heated Debate

The internet is fiercely divided between those who “can take a joke” vs. those who “value respect and boundaries.”

Lee Kwang Soo Makes An Irreversible Mistake On “Amazing Saturday” And Has The Funniest Reaction To His Own Doom

“Oh, sh—,” he said, with cold sweat dripping down his back.

Happening Now: ATEEZ To Reunite With ATINYs In Europe For 2022 World Tour “THE FELLOWSHIP : BEGINNING OF THE END”

It’s going to be epic!

Korean TikToker Clarifies His Video Mimicking IVE’s Wonyoung After Getting Backlash From Fans

“I acknowledge that the video may have been offensive…”

Wonho Is The Biggest Thirst Trap On Instagram With His Latest NSFW Updates


Veteran Actor Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To MONSTA X Joohoney’s Iconic “Kuku-Kaka” Aegyo

Aegyo King, indeed. Well deserved! 🥺💕