2AM and GOT7 take a celebratory photo together

On October 31st, 2AM and labelmate GOT7 posed for a picture together to celebrate 2AM’s successful comeback. Both groups are signed with JYP Entertainment

GOT7 member Mark recently posted a photo of the two groups celebrating with a cake, along with the simple caption, “2AM!”. The cake had three candles, presumably commemorating 2AM’s second full album, Let’s Talk, which was released on October 30th.

The photo was well-received by fans, who noted that the idols appeared quite close and very friendly. Netizens pointed out, however, that GOT7 members Jackson and Youngjae were not present, most likely due to individual activities.

Artists from JYP Entertainment have been known to be very supportive of each other. For example, miss A members Fei and Suzy have also showed their support for 2AM’s new release on their respective Instagram accounts. Suzy even posted seven different photos to show her love for Let’s Talk and to urge her fans to support 2AM.

2AM is currently preparing for upcoming promotions and has been sharing photos of their rehearsals with fans. GOT7 is rumoured to be preparing for a comeback soon after producer NAMKING teased fans with a photo of GOT7‘s recording at JYP Entertainment‘s studios.


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