2AM share their close-knit friendship in latest interview

During 2AM’s recent interview on their latest album release Let’s Talk, the members showed off their deep friendship that has lasted six long years.

The ballad idol group, 2AM, are into their sixth anniversary since their debut in 2008, and yet has never been surfaced to major scandals or malicious rumors. It is commonly expected that idol groups typically last five years, which has been called the five year jinx/curse by many.

How did 2AM make it to their sixth year today?

In a recent interview, the members revealed that while they had no idea what their future held, there was no imminent plans to disband the group, adding that they believed having close-knit members was important.

Jokwon was quoted saying, “I believe 2AM succeeded by trying our best. We are probably one of the only team to ask our managers to book for more schedules. We come together whenever there are difficulties. The four of us always communicates, especially when we are preparing for our album. Despite individual promos and activities, we always comes together as 2AM.” 

“We really try our best whether it is singing, acting, or variety show program. If one’s sad, we are all sad. If one’s happy, we are all happy. It was like that with us since our debut song, ‘This Song’,” continued Seulong.

Changmin expressed his thoughts, “When times were difficult, four of us came together. Our members are the reasons why we were all able to stick together. We give advice and empathize each other.”

Lastly, maknae Jinwoon commented, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining after all.”

Meanwhile, 2AM pre-released their title track “Day Like Today” before unveiling their album’s title track, “Appear” on October 30th.

Source: Joy News 24