2AM’s Changmin confirmed for upcoming musical “Audition”

2AM’s Changmin has been confirmed for the lead male role, Byeong Tae, in an upcoming musical Audition. 

The audition team recently finished its two year national tour in 2014 and is set to make a comeback this year with Changmin on board. The idol star began his musical career in 2012 and featured in many projects since then including The Three Musketeers, Jack The Ripper, Caffeine and more. Through this upcoming musical, Changmin hopes to show his charms as a rock vocalist.

Along with Changmin, stars Kim Chan Ho, Jung Ga Hee, Yoo Hwan Woong, Choi Jong Sun, Hwang Seo Hyun, and Kim Tae Ryeong, are to perform as well for the musical Audition. The performances will begin February 13th in Daehakro with tickets available starting January 12th (KST).

The musical was honored with “The Best Script Awards” at the 13th Korean Musical Awards in 2007, making it a show that viewers can greatly anticipate.

Meanwhile, Changmin has recently been appointed as a professor for Applied Music Education at Sohae University for the starting semester in 2015 as well. What a joyful start of the new year for Changmin!

Source: Ten Asia