2AM’s Changmin appointed as a professor at Sohae University

2AM‘s Changmin has been appointed as a professor for Applied Music Education at Sohae University. As announced by the university on December 11th, Changmin will begin his course in 2015.

According to personnel from Sohae University, “We highly regard Lee Changmin’s experience as a vocal trainer before making his debut as an idol star. He has experience as both a vocal trainer and a singer. Many take years of trainee practice to even debut as a singer, but Changmin made his debut in just a few months. That was possible because of his talented vocal skills.”

Changmin’s experience as a singer began in 2008 as he made a successful debut through JYP‘s ballad boy group 2AM. In 2010, 2AM received Digital Album Awards at the 25th Golden Disk Awards with their song “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die.” Soon after, Changmin extended his individual career as well, by forming a duo unit HOMME with 8eight‘s Lee Hyun, featuring on SBS The Heirs OST “Moment,” debuting as musical actor in La Cage Aux Folles, The Three Musketeers, Jack the Ripper, and more.

Meanwhile, Changmin is to hold HOMME’s first concert on December 23rd and 24th at Seoul’s Sejong University. Changmin’s exceptional vocal skills and diversified entertainment experience have led to his appointment as a honourable professor at young age. Congratulations to Changmin’s appointment as professor!

Source: Top Star News