2AM’s Changmin proves himself on “The Best Ramen”

2AM’s Changmin is given the honor of becoming the main MC for MBC every1‘s cooking survival show, The Best Ramen!

2AM is currently promoting their recent comeback song, “Over the Destiny,” and Changmin uses this chance to take part in more on-screen opportunities by joining the cooking show, The Best Ramen. He has long held the nickname ‘chef-idol’, so his MC-pairing with The Best Ramen will be yet another program for him to show off his cooking talent.

Chef-idol Changmin has always expressed his interest in cooking, so his outstanding abilities and vast cooking knowledge attracted the attention of many throughout the show. In particular, even when the K-pop star was busy promoting with Lee Hyun in project group Homme, Changmin worked hard to become a certified Korean chef, with his passion leading him to take lessons at a cooking institution.

Changmin readily accepted the offer to be the main MC of the show, stating, “I wanted to appear on a cooking program very badly as I wanted to introduce a recipe that I had come up with. It will be my first time as the main MC, but I will work hard in leading the program.

2AM’s Changmin is joined by Rainbow’s Jisook, Jung Juri, Fabian, and 100%’s Rokhyun in the full MC lineup. It is a program that will create recipes to make “the best ramen” from ingredients and ramen styles that are distinctive to certain provinces of South Korea.

Be sure to catch chef-idol Changmin in action on November 17th’s episode of The Best Ramen!

2AM Changmin on "The Best Ramen"
Photo: edaily


Source: edaily