2PM confirms comeback in latest interview

All six members of beastly idol group, 2PM, will grace the covers of Cosmopolitan in May and recently sat down with the magazine for an exclusive interview.

2PM were chic in their latest cover pictorial as they looked on with charismatic poses dressed casually. The group answered questions about their great accomplishments over the year and looked back on their dreams when they debuted in contrast to their current positions.

However, what caught the eye of readers was news confirming the group’s official comeback in June. When asked about the upcoming album Junho said, “This is an album that we have all really contributed to.

Taecyeon continued saying, “The members have contributed more to this album than every other album before now. We are able to show our colors more and more with each new album we release. I think this album will show you our best efforts and growth.

Hottests have rejoiced at this news since this will be 2PM’s first comeback since their party track “Go Crazy” last September which was produced by member Jun.K. Since their comeback, the group has completed a worldwide Go Crazy tour with stops in America, China, Thailand, and more. In addition, following the unofficial disbandment of their brother group 2AM, all members of 2PM resigned with JYP Entertainment for three years, reassuring fans of their plans to continue as a group.

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea