2PM members all re-sign with JYP Entertainment for 3 more years

In light of recent news regarding members of 2AM moving to a different agency, 2PM‘s contract situation has resurfaced.

On March 26th, news broke that 2AM members would be splitting into different companies. Three out of four of 2AM’s members, Jokwon, Seulong, and Jinwoon’s exclusive contracts had expired in February 2015 and despite talks of renewing their contracts together with JYP Entertainment (JYPE) the members parted ways.

Seulong signed with SidiusHQ, Jinwoon is negotiating with Mystic Entertainment and Jokwon re-signed with JYPE, while Changmin also remains with JYPE as his contract is still active for another six months.

Soon afterwards, JYPE released a statement reassuring fans that 2AM has not officially disbanded, “It’s not an official disbanding. The members are like family to each other. Although the agencies are different, as long as they want to they will stay as 2AM.”

Similarly, 2AM’s brother band, 2PM was faced with varying contract expiration dates for their members as well.

According to an industry insider, in fall 2014, all of the members of 2PM had made the decision to stay with JYPE and eventually signed a contract in January 2015 that extended their contract for another three years.

A representative from JYPE told Star News, “All the members of 2PM had different contract expiration dates, but they all decided that they would like to stay with JYP and all of them extended their contracts for 3 more years. We respected their wishes and now we are glad to be able to continue working with all of them under the name of 2PM.”

Source: Star News