2PM reschedules their comeback to mid-June

2PM is keen on making their comeback this June, fellow member Junho and JYP Entertainment confirm. 

On May 18th, Junho joined fellow Twenty co-star Kim Woo Bin on a radio appearance on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show. The surprise appearance was a promise made by the two actors if their latest film reaches three million audiences.

During the short segment, Junho made as special shoutout and announced that “2PM is making a comeback this June. Please invite us on Cultwo Show as well.” 

In an additional statement with Newsen, JYP Entertainment also confirmed that 2PM will be making their comeback by mid-June. However, an exact date has not been set as of yet. It was also stated that, “The filming dates for the music videos are still being finalised. We will be filming soon and will eventually set their comeback.” 

2PM was initially preparing to kickstart their comeback promotions on June 1st but was postponed due to their video director’s cancellation. The agency is planning on a legal case against the production company and has already collaborated with new production company, Naive Creative Productions for their music video.

Source: Newsen