JYP Entertainment updates on 2PM’s new MV director and upcoming schedule

2PM ran into obstacles during their initial schedule to shoot their music video for their upcoming comeback, however, JYP Entertainment has stepped out to reassure fans of the group’s activities in light of these troubles.

On May 13th, JYP Entertainment officially announced that production team Naive Creative Production will be tasked with creating their upcoming music video.

The agency trusts Naive Creative Production greatly as they have worked repeatedly with the company before. Naive Creative Production created many music videos for JYP Entertainment’s artists in the last two years including miss A’s recent hit “Only You” and “Hush,” Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” and GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls,” “A,” and “Stop Stop It.”

Representatives confirmed that, “Yes, 2PM’s music video has been entrusted to Naive and they are currently diving straight into preparations for their upcoming comeback and will proceed as soon as a time and place are set.

Previously, the agency released a statement saying that 2PM’s original comeback date on June 1st would not be met as the music video’s director, Dexter Lab Production’s Han Sa Min, cancelled the filming just four days prior to the scheduled shoot due to the director’s “personal connection to an artist releasing music on the same day.

JYP Entertainment also revealed that this delay affected GOT7’s schedule for a summer comeback as well as Kim Ji Yong of Fantasy Lab decided to cancel the shoot for GOT7’s music video.

Kim Ji Yong responded saying that he was “very flustered” by the agency’s stance on the incident. While JYP Entertainment has come to an arrangement with GOT7’s director and Fantasy Lab, officials have stated that they plan to take legal action against Han Sa Min and the damages that he caused the company due to the incident.

Source: Star News