JYP Entertainment to seek legal action against 2PM’s MV director Han Sa Min

JYP Entertainment released a second statement with regards to the controversy on 2PM’s music video and director Han Sa Min

Previously, the agency made a bold statement announcing that 2PM’s comeback, along with the production of GOT7’s music video, ran into troubles with their production. The blame was evidently put on Han Sa Min of Dexter Lab and Kim Ji Yong of Fantasy Lab.

On the same day, a second statement was issued revealing the details on Han Sa Min’s late cancellation, four days prior to their scheduled shoot, thereby affecting 2PM’s comeback schedule.

According to JYP Entertainment, it has been a standard practice that contract signing is done before or during the filming as the nature of these productions is a complicated process that involves details in schedules, choreography, concept and more.

Director Han Sa Min of Dexter Lab initially agreed to arrange schedules with the agency in April, but stated that the first filming date suggested was difficult. The schedule was eventually readjusted and agreed by both parties. Since then, both companies have communicated on the concepts behind the track, outfits, choreography and the director attended all the planned meetings with 2PM and their staff on April 28th and May 5th respectively. An agreement was decided on the production of the music video.

It was also stated that the director submitted an estimate of the cost which included costs on the set, filming time, cast and other details. These estimates were submitted to the company on May 8th. Details were checked and the agency prepared for the shoot.

However, by May 9th, four days prior to their shoot, Dexter Lab cancelled their pending filming date only stating that, “Due to my personal relationship with an artist making a release at the same time I cannot shoot their music video.”

This led to JYP Entertainment to seek legal action against the production company citing there irresponsible accounts of the director who have caused chaos on their music video shoot, album release date, promotional plans and schedules.

Meanwhile, the agency also revealed that they made an arrangement with Fantasy Lab, the production team behind GOT7’s music video.

Source: DongA