GOT7’s MV director responds to JYP Entertainment’s accusations

Kim Ji Yong, the director responsible for the production of GOT7’s music video, airs his side on the issue. 

On May 11th, Kim Ji Yong of Fantasy Lab released an official statement responding to JYP Entertainment’s announcement about the problems that ran in the production of 2PM and GOT7’s music videos. 

According to the director, “I’m very flustered right now. I saw JYP’s official stance on the issue but we did not sign an official contract with JYP. We didn’t even conduct a meeting. We simply talked via phone about concepts and even in these conversations nothing was solidified including dates or size of the project.”

He also explained the company’s side of the story and added that, “We called them back the next day and told them that, ‘The concept does not fit with our company very well we don’t think we will be able to deliver you the quality you wish to produce.’ I think our phone call coincided with 2PM’s music video issue and things got out of hand. I feel very flustered and shocked about the issue at the moment.”

It was previously reported that 2PM was planning to release their music video on June 1st, but was put to an abrupt halt after director Han Sa Min from Dexter Lab refused to direct the music video for a personal reason. Also on the same day, Kim Ji Yong of Fantasy Lab decided to cancel the shoot for GOT7’s music video.

Han Sa Min, director from Dexter Lab, has yet to make a comment.

Source: Daily Sports