2PM praises VIXX and BTS with a friendly backstage photo

On December 26th, K-Pop male groups 2PM, VIXX, and BTS huddled together at the backstage of year-end music show KBS Gayo Daechukjae and took a fun photo together!

The photo was uploaded onto the Twitter account of 2PM’s leader Taecyeon, on the night after the music show aired. Though the number might seem overwhelming, the 16 boys managed to squeeze in together for a photo. 2PM’s Jun.K, Chansung, and Junho were absent from the group shot.

Although the boys from their various groups differ in ages and seniority in the K-Pop industry, they showed their smiles, peace signs and thumbs-ups for the camera. 2PM debuted the earliest, in 2008, while VIXX debuted in 2012, and BTS in 2013.

Along with the photo, Taecyeon tweeted, “The terrific hoobaes (juniors) I was on stage with today~ Photo time before we all leave to go home!! Great job everyone~~

All three groups will be assembling with 38 other K-Pop groups again at MBC Gayo Daejejun on December 31st.

Meanwhile, 2PM’s Taecyeon celebrates his 27th birthday on December 27th!