2PM shows off their smooth dancing skills in “My House” dance practice

After 2PM released the music video for “My House,” the six-member group released the dance practice video for the track on June 20th. 

Throughout their dance practice, the members of 2PM are incorporating their teamwork into their choreography as well as smooth and groovy synchronized steps, which also showcased their talents in dancing.

2PM released the music video for “My House” on June 14th with the track written and composed by member Jun.K while Lel helped by working with the composition and arrangement of the track.

Meanwhile, 2PM also released their comeback album No.5 on June 14th, which includes 12 tracks, and consists of the songs “My House,” “Nobody Else,” “Red,” “Wanna Love You Again,” “Know Your Mind,” “Magic,” “Jump,” “Good Man,” and more.