2PM releases album spoiler video for upcoming album “No.5”

In addition to releasing their teaser for their upcoming track “My House,” 2PM released the album spoiler for their comeback album No.5 on June 14th.

The album spoiler allows fans to get a glimpse of the six-member group’s comeback album No.5 where the video revealed brief previews of the tracks that will be featured on the album. Throughout the video, it revealed 2PM’s soothing vocals as the tracks range from groovy and funky beats to having an energetic and fun feel.

2PM’s upcoming album No.5 will include 12 tracks, and consists of the songs “My House,” “Nobody Else,” “Red,” “Wanna Love You Again,” “Know Your Mind,” “Magic,” “Jump,” “Good Man,” and more.

Meanwhile, 2PM released two teasers for their upcoming track “My House,” which focused on a woman in the middle of a party while the end of the teaser reveals the members lurking.