5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jung Joon Young

Over the last few years, the world of entertainment and variety uncovered its hidden card: Superstar K 4‘s top 3 finalist and rocker Jung Joon Young. Through various appearances on KBS‘s 1 Night 2 Days, MBC‘s We Got MarriedMBC‘s Radio Star and other shows, he has gained an overwhelmingly positive response, due to his “special” 4-dimensional behavior.

However, there are a few traits about him that make him that little more special. Here are 5 facts you probably did not know about 1 Night 2 Days‘s maknae!

1. Jung Joon Young has the English name Andrew. It also just so happens to be the same name as his older brother. When they were being referred to together, Joon Young would be acknowledged as “Little Andrew” and his brother Joon Ha would be called “Big Andrew”.

2. He is capable of conversing in 5 different languages. Though he has become a bit rusty upon coming back to Korea, his ability to speak Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese, and Tagalog stems from a childhood spent in Indonesia, China, Japan, England, France, and the Philippines.

3. He was supposed to be the main vocalist for LEDApple. However, things did not go as planned, as Starkim Entertainment discovered right before their debut in 2010 that Jung Joon Young was still under a contract with his previous agency who refused to let him go. And thus, he did not end up debuting in LEDApple.

4. One of his talents includes impersonating ballad king Lee Seung Chul. This talent was revealed to the world on an episode of MBC‘s Happy Together, where he explained that the key to impersonating Lee Seung Chul is to keep in mind how he is always in a rush, demonstrating how, even on stage, he is very rushed.

5. He claims to have been born with a lot of luck. Which may just be true, judging from how things tend to go for him on 1 Night 2 Days. His stream of luck initially began to attract attention when he would not get caught for sleeping outdoors or drinking fish sauce for the first few trips, with the rest of the cast members eventually flocking to him whenever activities involving choosing teams.

Jung Joon Young has been described as a figure who you either end up really loving or really hating. However, whatever emotions you may be feeling towards the guy, there is no doubt that he is quite the entertaining fellow and an amazing singer. Check out the latest episode of 1 Night 2 Days to get a glimpse of why Korea is rapidly falling in love with him.