A netizen gains interest after mistakenly tweeting about PSY’s “break up”

A random netizen became an instant celebrity after a Twitter hashtag pertaining to a popular drama in the Philippines was mistakenly linked to Korean singer PSY

On October 8th, Filipino netizens following the drama Pangako Sa’Yo (PSY) used the hashtag #PSYBreakUp as their way to react to the latest episode. A netizen, however, mistakenly linked the tag to Korean singer PSY and expressed his thoughts on the break-up. The tweet saying, “So PSY have split. To be honest, I don’t remember hearing anything from them after Gangnam Style and Gentleman #PSYBreakUp” then on received viral response, causing casual but hilarious exchange from the fans.

After receiving much attention for his tweet, Daniel Roe then realised his mistake and clarified, “So the #PSYBreakUp isn’t about the singer @psy_oppa dam, maybe this was wishful thinking  #PushAwardsKathNiels” and expressed his thoughts on the show before ending the debacle saying, “So with my tweet making the series popular, it’s only right that I give it a go and watch it right? #PSYBreakUp #PSYPaninindiganNiAngelo.” 

With regards to PSY, however, YG Entertainment continues to entertain speculations that the singer will be returning with a new material with a date yet to be determined.