YG Entertainment clarifies reports about PSY’s comeback

YG Entertainment has clarified speculations regarding the alleged comeback of “Gangnam Style” hit maker PSY

As news of PSY’s comeback broke free on August 24th, YG Entertainment has issued a statement pertaining to the singer’s collaboration with “Gangnam Style” compare, Yoo Gun Hyung. PSY is speculated to the return to the music scene with a track from the composer.

However, through a representative, they agency explained that, “With regards to news about PSY’s comeback, nothing is established yet.” It was also hinted that PSY is aiming to return with a new album by September, however, no other details aside from the possible date are confirmed.

Earlier today, reports of PSY possible working with Yoo Gun Hyung once more sparked interest as their last track “Gangnam Style” in 2012 became an international hit.

Source: Tenasia

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