Amber fails “Real Men” medical exam due to tattoo length

On the January 25th episode of MBC’s Real Men second special female edition, the eight ladies took part in a medical examination before officially enlisting as an army recruit.

In particular, when f(x)’s Amber was asked by the male military doctor if she had any tattoos on her, she revealed that she had one on her inner arm and another one on her back.

Amber then rolled up her sleeves to show the doctor her well-hidden tattoo, which had designs of musical notes.

After measuring the length of the tattoo precisely with a ruler, the military doctor came the conclusion that she would fail the medical check-up, since the tattoo was longer than 7cm. He then said that he will have to discuss it with the Battalion Commander to see how they can keep her on the show.

In the same episode, Amber burst out into tears due to language barrier and the true heights and weights of the eight cast members were revealed.

The second female edition of Real Men airs every Sunday at 4:50PM KST.

Source: SSTV