Antis terrorize Ailee’s Instagram claiming she’s a traitor to Korea

On August 21st, Ailee uploaded a picture on her instagram with the captions “Back IN USA!! A picture from the front yard on arrival #vacation#travel”.

 This harmless picture to the surprise of many started a massive controversy between antis and fans.

미국 도착 했어요!! BACK IN USA!! 앞마당서 도착 인증샷 키키 #휴가 #vacation #여행 #travel

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The controversy started when one netizen claimed “Look at her run because she’s worried a war will start don’t ever come back to Korea.” Her fans defended her saying, “Is it weird for an American to go to the states?”, “This trip was planned way before North Korea started threatening South Korea.” and “So celebrities can’t even go on vacations now huh?”

Netizens who came across this articles could not hide their disgust at such an outrageous comment

[+ 1775, – 212] I can’t believe such communist comments are appearing all over the place in a free, democratic country. Is Ailee a politician? a soldier? By your reasoning the government and airline that allowed Ailee to leave should be criticized as well. There are uneducated brats like you uttering gibberish everywhere. Ailee don’t mind these things and have a good vacation~

[+ 115, – 13] Well I guess in risky situations she may realize that we’re not her people…

[+ 100, – 12] Let’s be honest all the black haired foreigners (Koreans with non Korean citizenship) are going to fly away as soon as a war breaks out ㅋㅋ

Source: Kookmin Daily

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