AOA asks fans to name their new reality show

On February 5th, FNC Entertainment girl group AOA called out for fans to come up with a name for their upcoming reality show. 

The reality show, which is set to premiere on February 26th via Naver Starcast, is set to feature all eight members of AOA, including member Youkyung, who is only part of the sub-unit AOA Black. In a post by the group’s official Facebook page, the group wrote the following message: “The reality show of AOA is just around the corner! AOA will choose the title of their first reality show among the list of names you suggest!

Fans are encouraged to suggest titles for the show from February 5th to February 11th, with the selected title to be revealed on the first broadcast date of February 26th. The show will be begin releasing episodes through Naver Starcast on that day, and a new episode will come out every Thursday at 6PM KST.

Leave your suggestions for the name of AOA’s upcoming reality show on the group’s Facebook post, and keep an eye out for the pilot episode of the show!

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Posted by AOA on Wednesday, February 4, 2015