Apink’s Chorong Looks Pretty And Sweet As She Heads To Taiwan

She’s taking everyone’s breath away!

Apink‘s Chorong has fans shook with her visuals as she heads to Taipei, Taiwan, for her and fellow member Bomi’s fan meeting. Many are saying that she looked absolutely gorgeous despite the simple outfit, hair, and make-up.

She was seen rocking some white shorts, black boots, and a cropped shirt. Fans are saying that she is absolutely gorgeous, and that not only is she a talented idol but also has an amazing visual and personality.

Her v-line was praised highly with her fans, with some envying just how perfect her symmetry is. Apink fans hope that she and Bomi have a safe trip to Taiwan and that they have a successful fanmeet!

I’m so proud of her. How is she so pretty?

– Korean Netizen