When ARMYs Say They Love BTS’s J-Hope To The Bones, They Mean It Literally

He’s got some lovely bones.

BTS‘s J-Hope has the blessed visual and physique that ARMYs find quite adorable and lovable. But there is also a group of ARMYs who found very unique parts of J-Hope to obsess over…


… and that would be J-Hope’s bone structure. ARMYs have noticed that J-Hope was born with the skeletal build that really make him to be the fine man that he is. With a frame like J-Hope’s, it would have been impossible to be otherwise!


From J-Hope’s facial bones – including the high and pointy shape of his nose, to his charismatic and cutting jaw line…


… to his slim but masculine hands and fingers, ARMYs are truly in love with every bit of J-Hope.


And from his wrist that is delicate but sexy at the same time…


… to his prominent shoulder blades, which are actually proof that he’s an angel on Earth…


… and even down to his sturdy-looking legs,


ARMYs can’t help but continue finding which bones in J-Hope’s body make him that much more unique!


J-Hope’s fans have also believe that this “build” allows J-Hope to have the gracefulness he boasts while he’s dancing. So it seems J-Hope was meant to be a worldwide superstar!


ARMYs really do love J-Hope to the bones!

Source: THEQOO