BTS’s RM Updates Instagram Following Min Hee Jin’s Press Conference

Fans believe RM is subtly responding to HYBE and ADOR’s feud.

This article is part of our coverage of HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. You can read more and view the entire timeline here.

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin held a press conference on April 25, 2024, to address her current feud with HYBE. During the press conference, she claimed that HYBE founder and chairman Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Hitman Bang or Bang PD) initially didn’t want to debut girl groups under the company due to “jealous ARMYs.”

Additionally, HYBE has exposed Min Hee Jin for consulting shamans concerning her work. A reported conversation between her and a shaman included her saying, “I think I’ll stand to gain if they’re not here,” concerning BTS‘s military enlistment.

  • Min Hee Jin: Will BTS go to the army or not?
  • Shaman: They will.
  • Min Hee Jin: Well, it’s better for me if BTS to goes to the army. Send them off LOL. What do you think?
  • Shaman: I’m going to send them to the army. It’s not like they got gold medals or something.
  • Min Hee Jin: I think I’ll stand to gain if they’re not here.

Naturally, ARMYs are upset following both HYBE’s report and Min Hee Jin’s press conference. Some have even joked that BTS leader RM should return to take over the company.

Amidst the ongoing Min Hee Jin vs. HYBE feud, RM has taken to Instagram to update both of his individual accounts. ARMYs felt a sense of reassurance amidst the chaos.

Yet, some are speculating his latest Instagram Story update via @rkive might even be a subtle response to the current drama.


RM, who is known for recommending songs via social media, shared “Give Me Water” by Korean folk rock singer-songwriter Hahn Dae Soo. He posted following Min Hee Jin’s press conference.

He is considered South Korea’s ‘master of folk rock’ and a pioneer of 1960s Korean hippie culture.

— Wikipedia


Based also on the song’s lyrics and even the cover art, ARMYs can’t help but speculate. Some theorize that RM might have posted it today due to the various accusations floating around.

While many fans are busy trying to read between the lines of RMs latest posts, this is actually not the first set of Instagram updates since the feud began that has made fans believe he’s subtly responding to all the drama. Read more below.

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