BTS’s RM Breaks Silence Amidst ADOR Vs. HYBE Fallout

ARMYs believe he has addressed the drama.

Has BTS‘s RM addressed the current ADOR vs. HYBE feud? Some fans think so.


Currently, RM is fulfilling his mandatory military service. Yet, the BTS leader occasionally updates fans via his personal Instagram accounts.

At this time, hell has broken loose at BTS’s company building, HYBE, as ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin feuds with the company. Recently, she even allegedly accused multiple K-Pop groups of plagiarizing her, including BTS.

In another document discovered during the audit process the day before, it was reported that CEO Min made a statement in an external conversation regarding Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, saying ‘In fact, he’s copied from me and come this far.’ In the industry, it is known that CEO Min frequently made remarks in private about BTS copying her after joining HYBE.

— The quote from “YNA” alluding to Min Hee Jin’s comments

ARMYs are also suspicious that Min Hee Jin is the source of idols’ private information being leaked in recent years. One of these artists is BTS leader RM.

Fans have been genuinely curious about K-Pop idols’ reactions to this ongoing drama surrounding Min Hee Jin. Many hope that someone will speak up.

Now, it seems that one has. Recently, RM updated his Instagram Stories with a past photo of himself at a beach. He captioned it with a laughing emoji, and that’s it.

| @rkive/Instagram

Yet, RM has historically used the laughing emoji amidst the public drama. Last year, he used an emoji when he politely called out a monk for publicizing his private visit to the Hwaeomsa Temple in Mount Jirisan.


I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it…😂

— RM via Instagram

Likewise, when an employee of South Korea’s railway operator, KORAIL, had been abusing their power and looking up RM‘s personal information, including his photo number and address, RM responded by posting a screenshot of an article with text representing the 😅 emoji.

Headline title “Korail Employee Who Released Unauthorized Personal Information of BTS RM ‘Leaked Ticket Information For 3 Years”| @rkive/Instagram
Headline title “Korail Employee Who Released Unauthorized Personal Information of BTS RM ‘Leaked Ticket Information For 3 Years”| @rkive/Instagram

RM is known not only to address matters subtly, but he has also proven himself to stay informed on current affairs despite his busy schedule. Recently, he chimed in on the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar rap beef by sharing their 2012 collab “Poetic Justice.”

Knowing RM, ARMYs believe his recent Instagram update is a response to the ADOR vs. HYBE beef, especially since Min Hee Jin has now come for BTS. They think he probably knows much more but feels he can’t speak more about the issues.

One thing is for sure: RM stays informed and lurking no matter what.


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