HYBE CEO’s Full Statement To The Company’s Workers Released

He addressed every worker.

This article is part of our coverage of HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. You can read more and view the entire timeline here.

Amidst the chaos that HYBE is currently facing due to its feud with ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, HYBE’s CEO Park Ji Won has taken to a company-wide address. He speaks to all the workers of HYBE in the address, which was later posted on Blind, the anonymous but verified forum for office workers. A verified worker of HYBE shared the address.

He first addresses the staff, claiming that the claims being made against the company are untrue.

To our staff, hello. This is Park Ji Won.

Recently, there has been much news regarding our company. I think that many of you will reasonably be confused and panicked, being a part of a company that has been leading entertainment all this while.

Our company was the pioneer in walking the path of a multi-label firm, and we have experienced both big and small obstacles. But we have taken these as stepping stones as we overcome them, growing from them instead.

In the midst of that, this matter has happened, and I too, feel sad about it. However, as this is a case in which we have found definitive intentions to seize the company, we have begun audits in order to set things straight. We have already internally reviewed some parts of the company, and through the audit, we will investigate it more, and we will be taking more definitive action against those responsible.

I hope that you guys will not be too affected by the current content that is being reported in the media. Currently, the label responsible for this is not responding properly to the justified audit and is refusing to respond. Everything that they claim is untrue and without evidence. Currently, the issues being raised are unrelated to ILLIT’s debut period, and we have found out that all of these were pre-planned. we plan on investigating this more carefully through the audit and taking appropriate measures to deal with it.

I must beseech you as our staff, to work hard at your job without being affected by this. The company will do its best in order not to let the IP value and work that you have worked on so far be slandered.

— Park Ji Won

He additionally makes special addresses to ADOR and Belift Lab staff, who are at the heart of the matter.

HYBE’s CEO Issues Company-Wide Message To ADOR And Belift Lab Staff

To ADOR’s staff, the company is very well aware that you guys have been working hard at your own roles. That is why, we think that you will be the ones who are the most worried about this entire case. Please do not be worried, and continue to do your best, just as you have, to work on NewJeans’ growth and comeback. And HYBE will always prioritize protecting our artist and staff. We also specially ask that you all take the utmost care in order to help the artists remain reassured during this time.  We will later on issue direction and HR direction after more thought, so that you all can work rest-assured.

To Belift Lab staff. We know very well the efforts you have all made to help ILLIT make their debut. Although you all will feel bad due to the sudden news, please don’t be affected by untruths, and we ask that you continue to work hard for ILLIT’s success.

— Park Ji Won

Park Ji Won. | Korea Times

Lastly, he promises that the company will grow from this.

Although it took much trial and error to complete HYBE’s multi-label system, there will be people who begin to doubt our system through this case. But we think that such problems are just another form of trial and error that has happened, as we have been sincere in realizing our preferred direction. We will put a good end to this case, and continuously consider what we have to do in order to polish the advancement of the multi-label system, and for NewJeans’ and ILLIT’s growth and development.

Thank you.

From Park Ji Won

— Park Ji Won

It was previously reported that HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin are currently in the midst of a power struggle. Min Hee Jin had allegedly been trying to usurp management rights to ADOR from HYBE, leading to HYBE launching an audit against her and the current board of management. Min Hee Jin has since released an interview with Hankyung, where she cites “ILLIT’s plagiarism” of NewJeans as a reason for stepping up against HYBE. You can read more about the ongoing case below.

Min Hee Jin Names ILLIT’s Plagiarism Of NewJeans As Reason For Her Feud With HYBE


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HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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