Hailing from and residing in Singapore, Jasmine Turner has been a K-Pop fan for over a decade since falling in love with SHINee in 2009. Since then, she became a fan of Girls’ Generation, f(x), EXO, and many, many more groups. With several years of journalistic and translation experience under her belt and a language set that includes English, Korean, and Mandarin, Jasmine hopes to use her unique skillset to report quickly, accurately, and reliably on a wide range of K-Entertainment content.
Here’s The Reason Why SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Avoided Kissing S.COUPS
Spain without the S, COUPS without the S.
Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung Once Begged To Be Removed From The Debut Lineup
The hate he experienced was so severe.
TXT’s Soobin, Hueningkai And Beomgyu Lost Yeonjun And Had To Ask MOAs For Help
MOAs to the rescue!
LE SSERAFIM Gains Praise For Specially Redesigning Yonsei University Merchandise Into Stage Outfits For The Festival
“They were total legends.”
An NCTzen Fought With Her Boyfriend Because Of NCT’s Haechan And He Had The Most Romantic Response
He drank that y/n Koolaid.
SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Gains Attention For His Refreshingly Savage Yet Cute Response To Sasaeng Calls
He’s so savage but cute!
“EXchange 2” Jeong Hyun Gyu Was Childhood Friends With NCT’s Jaehyun
Two gorgeous best friends!
Get To Know Lee Chae Min, The New MC For “Music Bank”
His visual chemistry with Wonyoung will be amazing!
NCT 127’s Doyoung Ended Up Hugging A Fan But It Was All Because Of Taeil
It wasn’t the fan’s idea!
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Once Asked A Fan For A Kiss And The Internet Couldn’t Take It
Dear God, me when?