HYBE Drops Bombshell Report That A Shaman Had Been Controlling Min Hee Jin’s Management Decisions

They revealed who was controlling her.

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Right before ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s press conference, HYBE released a claim that Min Hee Jin looked to shamans for advice on how to manage ADOR. It was alleged that she had shared a conversation with a shaman in 2021, who advised her to take hold of the company within three years. 2021 was the year Min Hee Jin established ADOR as a joint venture with HYBE and received stock options for ADOR from HYBE. HYBE asserted that “the timeline she sought out from the shaman is the same as the timeline of her attempted usurpation of management rights. She also discussed the purchase of the HYBE stocks that she holds with the shaman.

It was also claimed that Min had hired personnel for ADOR based on a recommendation by the shaman. Specifically, the shaman had introduced another client, someone named Park, to Min Hee Jin, who then hired him personally. Although Park sent in an application through the official career portal, HYBE suspects Min of foul play in his hiring. Park’s job in the company was also discussed with the shaman.

Min also allegedly discussed her other hires with the shaman. For those that the shaman gave positive feedback on, most of them ended up passing into the company, and a portion of these people are still working for ADOR. It was said that she also leaked some employee information of the people from other departments to the shaman.

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HYBE further reported that the shaman convinced Min Hee Jin to heed her advice by claiming that the spirit of her close relative had entered her. The shaman referred to Min as “unnie,” to evoke this sense of kinship. They had both also criticized various higher-ups at HYBE together. Min had allegedly complained about being copied, causing the shaman to advise her to learn from them, as even copying gives you earnings. Allegedly, this is the origin of Min’s claim that Bang Si Hyuk had risen to his current position by copying her.

Min Hee Jin had also allegedly asked the shaman for advice on what to name the company. She was deliberating between ADOR and ALLJOY. The shaman advised her that ADOR would be better. In addition, Min Hee Jin had talked disparagingly about the trainees she had been nurturing. She asked the shaman “Fools. They’ll listen to me right? There won’t be any kids who act up right?” The shaman then replied that there would be none.

It was said that she got to know the shaman before 2017, and received coaching through social media texts. Later on, it was found that the shaman established companies called M Partners and M Consulting. Min had once used company finances to pay M Consulting, citing fees for cleaning her personal studio.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Min Hee Jin’s press conference on April 25, 2025.

Source: Asia Today

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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