B1A4’s Baro confirmed for SBS “Laws of the Jungle” in Palau!

Following his recent journey to Laos on tvN‘s Youth Over Flowers, B1A4‘s Baro will be joining the SBS Laws of the Jungle (also known as Kim Byungman’s Laws of the Jungle) team and venturing on a new expedition to Palau!

On October 26th, an industry official reported to OSEN that, “Baro will be participating as a member of the upcoming Palau team,” referring to the new Laws of the Jungle special that will be filmed in the country of Palau.

Due to the idol star’s recent appearance on tvN Youth Over Flowers which was filmed in Laos and had attracted much love and support, many netizens and fans are curious to see how Baro will unfold during certain events and possible catastrophes that might happen in the jungles of Palau.

Aside from Baro, stars such as Yook Joong Wan, Sam Otswiri, and Sam Hammington will be joining Kim Byungman and his crew for this trip to Palau.

Meanwhile, the producer of Laws of the JungleLee Young Joon, and his staff will be boarding a flight to Palau to carry out a field investigation prior to the filming of the upcoming show special.

Source: OSEN and SBS

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